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July 25 was my final day of speaking the affirmations out loud. I feel more calm, I have more peace and I can tell my energy has shifted.

I feel more harmonious and joyful and I notice when I allow (key word here,,, allow) myself to feel or think a negative thought or have a dark emotion I stop myself and take a big deep breath and exhale it out and I move on easily back into the light. It’s like I have reached a plateau and wind is to my back the past is the past and does not constrain me or keep me in a box.

Everything can be easy when you understand that the most important thing to allow is that one thing that eludes us the most it seems, and that is love. We want it more sometimes than we can give it, but when the giving is to oneself then the unfolding begins.

I Definity feel that I am in a brand new chapter in my life, I have been for a while but now I really notice that the page has turned. 

Thank you very much for your help I cannot be more grateful.

Blessings to you,


August 29,2019

Hi Renee,

That was very powerful and timely and it was an honor to meet you..  Thank you for assisting me in my healing integration.

Just completed day one activity.

Thank you Universe,  bring us more.

Gratitude and Many Blessings,


July 30, 2019


I feel as though so much weight has been lifted off my heart and soul, My sister and I are so blessed to have connected with you  !

Thank You again !!


August 1, 2019