Healing Partners

Crystal Power Wands


The power of the earth and its energies stored in the crystals, stones and minerals.Crystal power wands put these elements into your hands.

Multidimensional Soul Light


As a Multidimensional Healer, Awakener, and Ascension Facilitator, Kara’s mission is to help connect others with the essence of their true self, that is always within. She works Archangels, intuition, higher self, and I AM presence to help clients develop a sense of trust, freedom, compassion, and self-empowerment, unconditional love and unwavering sovereignty lay the foundation for everyone to realize that we are all one.
Kara is here to assist the awakening processes by supporting others to let go of the fear and separation consciousness. Most importantly, she emphasizes that her gifts are not unique to her; everyone has access to the higher levels of consciousness and all are worthy and able to tap into their spiritual gifts, for it is our birthright and NOW is the time.

Enlightened Touch


Providing the most relaxing and nourishing facials with a beautiful healing touch. Enjoy a Ayurvedic facial with Barbara at Enlightened Touch Located in Off Center Salon and Spa in West Hartford, CT 

Soul Realignment Partner


Angela Zaffer

Intuitive Counseling

I am a psychotherapist in private practice for over 18 years. In my counseling practice I specialize in Anxiety, Depression and Trauma. I am a Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Practioner, studied Shamanism through Sandra Ingerman and have worked with Steve Nobel of The Soul Matrix.  I am a certified advanced Soul Realignment Practicioner with Andrea Hess and I study Aether Akashic Reading with Jennifer Mizel. 

Marilyn O'Malley


For 17 years,Marilyn has been coaching sensitive and creative people all over the world in personal and professional development, empowering them to achieve the relationships, wealth, business, career, health, and life they desire. Her clients desire to live on purpose, serve humanity and the planet while maintaining a fulfilling and harmonious personal/professional life. She work's practically and energetically with many tools in science, psychology and spirituality teaching how to build their dreams, careers, confidence, relationships, leadership skills, charisma, structures and love.

Sandy Cook

Sandy is an amazing friend and partner for years. She is a gifted Psychic Medium and healer and has been healing her community for decades. She offers readings, healing work and teaches many classes in Central Connecticut. She also offers Readings and Healing sessions remotely.I highly recommend Sandy to clients who like to have sessions in person, but cannot travel to Northern CT.

Office Location:

645 Main Street Plantsville, CT 06479

Contact Sandy: