Spiritual Discernment

Renee talks about her experience with False light. How to protect yourself and how discernment can keep you safe.

New Human New Earth Healing

New Human New Earth. Presented by Renee Furbush and Kara Goss In this powerful activation Renee and Kara Clear all Dimensional templates and bring forward the Diamond Heart Grid and New Diamond Blueprint. Activating the New Human Blueprint and DNA. It is recommend to listen when you can relax and integrate the rest of the day. 

Calling Back your Power

In this healing mediations I focus on the Solar Plexus . Your personal sun, The chakra of empowerment. I guide you through a healing and clearing of the Solar Plexus and calls back all the power you may have lost in past lives and this lifetime. I will be creating a Full Charka Healing series. I created these as a tool to assist you in self healing. With love, Renee

The Crystal Chamber of Healing and Light

This Meditation is dedicated to all students of Dolores Cannon. The Crystal Healing Chamber is a place I take clients during a  QHHT and Healing session for healing. Each client has their own healing and unique experience. I was guided today to bring forth this meditation as a guided healing tool. I bring it forward with love and you can use this meditation and any of my other meditations for healing, clearing and spiritual rejuvenation.  Wishing you love, peace, and joy in 2020, Renee

Column of light meditation

I created this meditation to help assist others in connecting to the new earth timeline and new diamond blueprint. This meditation calls in the light of source to assist you and Mother Earth by clearing the chakras, along with healing and upgrading all dimensional aspects of self at the physical body, mental and spiritual body. I felt this mediation was important to share at this time to assist many who are going through the energetic shifts that are experiencing many uncomfortable symptoms.

Emerald Order double diamond blueprint activation

By Kara Goss And Renee Furbush   

Kara Goss will be your guide up to the unified consciousness, into the Emerald Temple of the Emerald Order.  Kara will assist you in taking you to the crystal room within the Emerald Temple and  activate the pillar of light, you will continue up to receive the transmission for the new double diamond blueprint offered by Renee Furbush. .Kara will initiate the Seal of Azurite. The Seal of Azurite is a seal of protection. 

Higher Dimensional Liv

Renee Interviews Marilyn O'Malley an Ascension Guide, a Starseed, intuitive empath and healer, Who has been assisting other Starseeds on their path of ascension for over 35 years. Marilyn is a beautiful and unconditional loving soul that meets her clients where they are and assist them into fully integrating and living their best lives in the 3D Matrix.   http://www.marilynomalley.com/


Review on Crystal Healing Wands

Renee Talks about how Crystal Healing wands can assist in raising your vibration and ease the symptoms of Ascension. 

Crystal Warrior Crystal Healing Wands

Using Trance mediation to heal and evolve

Renee explains how trance meditation can help you heal and evolve your energy and your intuitive gifts. 

Parallel Starseeds

Check out this great video

Starseeds, Parallels and Blueprinters

Renee being interviewed by Steve Nobel about the shifting energy of today and the new souls assisting with the ascension of the planet.

The Souls Path Podcast

45 Minute Trance Healing meditation

Channeling in the Akashic Records

Vibrational Healing through Sound w/ The conduit Center

CT Style Live