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Meet Renee

Renee has been in service to the light since she was born. She also struggled in the light like many Lightworkers, empaths and sensitive people out there. She felt things and knew things about energy and light at a very young age. Growing up in Southern Louisiana was not a easy place to grow up when you are surrounded by deep rooted religious faith. She had a strong faith, but felt so much more than what was being preached. 

When Renee turned 22 years old she moved to Connecticut where she met a community of healers, mediums and lightworkers that answered many of her life long questions of what she had experienced and felt. They became her mentors and peers and guided her along this path. By 1998  she became a Usui Reiki master and her gifts began to open and expand. Many people were open and understanding to reiki, but because of her up brining she was fearful to expose her other gifts. She would only allow people she felt comfortable with and that would except her know about them.  

As time went on she studied and practiced many energy modalities she took all courses offered at the Lightarian Institute she Studied The reconnection and many other energy modalities and practiced her intuitive readings in private. 

In 2014 everything changed when Renee became ill from a genetic disease that almost took her life. She had to fall to the bottom to truly see the light. As she started to trust her messages and finally listen to the messages (She can be a bit stubborn.) The messages guided her to healing herself. To the point she did not need the harsh treatments her Drs. were giving her.As she grew stronger again, her gifts grew stronger with her. She could no longer ignore the gifts she had always had.

Her clients found out she was on the mend and started calling her for readings. She found her readings had changed. She used to use cards and tools to interpret the information, but they no longer would cooperate. Her guides told her to put them away and listen for once. Ha ha ha! And she did. The messages came clearly and precise but, the message had changed also. The sickness she encountered was not a curse but, part of her purpose. 

The information she would start to receive would be for the clients deepest healing and highest good. She would connect to something that would give her pages and pages of information detailed and not only from this life, she was accessing also past lives. Renee did not know where this information was coming from, so she went in search for more information. She went on to study with Tony Stockwell, James Van Praagh and Andrrea Hess. She learned something from each and she discovered and understood more about herself.

Through all her studies she realized  she was a Psychic with mediumship ability accessing the Akashic Records. Whew! She was so happy to finally understand her abilities and how to control them and also how to use them properly.( If there is even such a thing). Since this revelation she has been able to do what she has always felt was is inside of her, to truly help people see their beauty and their true divine potential and help them heal and step into their power. Everyday and every client she uncovers something else new and wonderful that surprises her it brings so much joy and love to her work.


Are you curious?

If you have any questions about what service you should have..... Don't be shy send Renee a message she'll be happy to help you. 


Confused about your path? Want confirmation about a life decision? Is something blocking you from moving forward?Do you want to clear past relationships and heal?

Renee can help you see things clearly, give you another perspective and help confirm those doubts and concerns you've had or been having.